Here you can find our results of the fourth topic of our project: “Labor market integration and access to vocational training”

General results

Here you can find different results about the labour markets in France, Germany and Sicily/ Italy:

The Mock Debate

The goal: Creating of a trinational project about integrating refugees on the labor market

The situation: French, Italian and German experts and politicians meet during a conference to develop a common project for the labor market to integrate refugees.

The setting: France, Germany and Italy as members of the European Union want to start a trilateral project to improve the integration of refugees on the labor market. Therefore, coalitions with different experts of the three countries meet in an online conference to decide about common policy guidelines for the integration/ to create a common integration’s project for the labor market in a trilateral cooperation.

For the conference there are three expert delegations of the three countries invited. All of them have different ideas, how the integration of refugees can be succeeded on the labor market. The goal is to find different cooperation with other experts to implement your own idea in the project/ in the policy guidelines. To convince the other experts of your own idea every delegation gives a passionate speech in the beginning of the meeting.

To find the role cards for the German delegation – click here:

To find the role cards for the Italian delegation – click here: